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At Infinian, we aim to provide our customer with value driven IT and Communication solutions by providing services thru cloud and On  Premise architecture.


Just use and monetize

If you are a retail, hotel, institutions, we provide you Wifi infrastructure, not only the hardwares but also with a state of the art Wifi management application. With the management app, we  provide you with actionable insights data of your Wifi users. This solution is offered based on a subscription model where you only have to pay on monthly or annual basis, no big investment upfront. 

We Design and Install Your Wifi Infra

Wifi Infrastructure

We survey your premise or site, design the Wifi infrastructure,  install all the required equipments as well setup the Wifi Management Platform. 

You Provide Wifi To Customer and Community 

Wifi Added Value Service 

With a Wifi infrastructure setup, you can offer your customer/community with Free Wifi or monetize by offering Premium Wifi access to the internet. You can also monetize advertising space to generate income.  

We Maintain and Support

Help you need

We will provide proactive and reactive support on your Wifi infrastructure with excellent service level commitment. 

Network Engineering Services

Infinian Network Services looks after your network challenges by providing the most optimized framework design, delivery superiority and customised tools & reporting.

Managed Services

We managed your IT and Communication communication solutions by leveraging our skilled resources, service level commitment and with modular pricing based on subscriptions. 

We can manage your wired and wireless network, application and end user computing infrastructure. 

E-Commerce Development Services

E-Commerce Development Services. Infinian consult, design, develop, integrate, test and deploy e-commerce store based on latest technology like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Services Overview
Wifi Infra Service


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